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Delivery of the first Komatsu electric wheel at Kevitsa Mine, Finland

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Recently, Boliden Sweden welcomed its first Komatsu truck as part of Boliden's fleet investment plans for the Finnish Kevitsa mine and the Swedish Aitik mine.

The first 830E-5 came to Kevitsa mixed metal open pit mine

Boliden said the delivery marked Komatsu's entry into the European market.

The first 830E-5 arrives at the Kevitsa mixed metal open pit, which will have 17 trucks of this type delivered by January 2020 and 9 Komatsu 930E-5 trucks delivered by April 2020 at Aitik open pit.

Komatsu 830E-5, with a load of 220 tons, meets the EU Stage V emission standards. Compared with the previous models, these trucks significantly reduce diesel exhaust emissions and provide a more comfortable and safe driving environment.

The Komatsu 830E-5 fleet will replace Kevitsa's current fleet and reduce its mining costs. To further improve efficiency and productivity, these trucks will be equipped with Modular Mining Systems scheduling and maintenance systems to optimize production and tracking and provide support for fleet maintenance.

In commemoration of the historic event of the delivery of the first truck, a handover ceremony was held at Kevitsa Mine on 10 July with the participation of Boliden, Komatsu and other partners in the project.

Mikael Staffas, President and CEO of Boliden, said at the ceremony: "This is an important step in the development of our mines and further improves our environmental performance, especially as we create opportunities to improve productivity and electrification levels."

Masatoshi Morishita, managing director and CEO of Komatsu Europe, also said: "The delivery of the first CE-certified electric drive truck to Boliden today is a milestone in Komatsu Europe, where Komatsu can provide a full range of mining products and solutions. This is just the beginning."

830E-5 carrying capacity 220 tons, meeting EU Stage V emission requirements

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