Terex TR100 Wheel Reducer ASSY

Terex TR100 Wheel Reducer ASSY

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Features of wheel reducer: Divided into grade 1 and grade 2 reduction, small volume,compact structure.The castings are up to Europe EN1563 standard with high elongation and excellent structure property.Using imported bearing and sealed components.The gear is made from quality  Low carbon alloy steel,the accuracy is grade 6,metallurgical structure is beyond JB/T 6141 standard.It is with big reduction ratio/smooth transmission/low noise/impact resistance/high security/convenient maintenance.The cost is low due to optional design.

Load Weight(T)

Mounting Size

Speed ratio

Input Torque(N.m) 

Output Torque(N.m)


Φ 730×50713.75:141580571725

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